$120M in Solar Tax Credits For Sale
We are currently in possession of a large amount of tax credits that we cannot use. World Sports Alliance (USA), a Nonprofit Corporation (“WSAUSA”) was recently donated over $120 Million in Solar Tax Credits and due to our non-profit status, we have no direct use for these credits.

Our dilemma creates an opportunity for us to partner with those who do have federal tax bills to create a true win-win situation! We are seeking to exchange these tax credits for cash at a rate of $0.90 per $1.00 exchanged. These are real tax credits that count dollar for dollar against the below the line amount of federal tax bill due. We are not asking for any upfront fees or 3rd party expenses. We are only looking to get paid when the credits are utilized. This is an easy way to free up cash from a balance sheet transaction and create an instant profit that normally would not exist.  

WSAUSA was started through a licensing agreement with a partner of the United Nations (UN-DESA) as a means of supporting socio-economic mobility and sustainability, using amateur sports as an international platform. This tax credit situation creates an opportunity for people and organizations to benefit by reducing their tax bills while positively effecting children, the environment and social justice worldwide. Any business done will be held in confidence, but at the discretion of the participants, we can provide positive media coverage, as well as report positive metrics regarding sustainability back to the UNGSII Foundation; an organization created by top leaders within the UN to measure sustainability. Nothing to lose and everything to gain; we are willing to pay you to work with us in support of our worldwide mission.    

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